Hearing Aid Malfunctioning?

Before bringing your hearing aid in for us to look at, complete the following:

  • Check the battery with a battery tester and replace it if necessary.
  • Inspect the hearing instrument for the presence of wax or debris on the faceplate or the portion sitting in the ear canal. If you see wax, remove it with either the brush or wax loop provided with the hearing instrument. However, if the wax is deep within the hearing instrument, do not attempt to remove the wax yourself. Bring the hearing instrument in to your hearing healthcare provider. If wax continues to be a problem, consult your physician for wax removal.
  • If you have an earmold, check the earmold opening for blockage due to wax or some other debris. Also check the tubing to see if there is any moisture (water bubbles) or if there is a crack in the earmold tubing. To remove the wax or moisture uses a wax loop, brush, or air blower to clear the mold/tubing. If a crack is identified, the tubing needs to be replaced by your hearing healthcare professional.