I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why do I Need an Audiologist? Part 1 – Custom Noise Protection

You should not wait until you have a hearing loss to get your hearing tested. By being proactive and having your hearing tested routinely, we can establish a baseline to use as a reference if you notice a change in the future. As with all aspects of health care, prevention and early detection of hearing loss are key.  Typically, when individuals think about Audiologists and hearing, they think hearing aids; however, hearing aids are just part of what we are trained to do. With prevention and early detection we are often looking at causes of hearing loss, such as noise exposure, and signs of hearing loss, such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Hearing loss resulting from noise is 100% preventable with the appropriate protection.  Audiologists are trained in making a wide range of speciality molds that are made custom for the size and shape of your ear canal. The most popular would be custom noise protection and can be used at home or work. They are often preferred over foam plugs as they are more comfortable, durable, and hygienic. We can customize the type of plug not only to your ear canal but also to your work environment.  If full protection is your priority and other sounds are not important, we will select a plug that focuses fully on attenuation and sound reduction. However, if you are required to be able to hear warning signals and have some communication, we will select a plug that has a filter to allow this to be possible.