I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why do I need an Audiologist? Part 2 – Musician’s Plugs

To summarize Part 1, we discussed the importance of regular hearing tests by an Audiologist for prevention and early detection of hearing loss. We also talked about custom noise protection as it is our most popular specialty mold for hearing loss prevention (if you missed it you can find it below on our blog). However, that sort of full protection is not always appropriate or acceptable.

A perfect example is musicians. Because of the nature of noise protection, it distorts sound and makes it difficult to monitor tune and loudness. Musician plugs are designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music. Based on the type of instrument you play, we select the filter with the appropriate reduction. With this hearing protection, music and speech sound exactly as it would in an ear without an earplug, just at a lower and safer loudness. Although called “musician plugs”, they can be used by musicians, music teachers, concert goers, recording engineers and more. Sometimes individuals select this type of hearing protection as they don’t like the muffled sound of traditional hearing protection.

Another type of speciality molds is custom in ear monitors.  Traditionally, they have been used almost exclusively by onstage musicians and audio engineers to monitor a mix of audio sources. However, in recent years, they have become popular for audiophiles wanting the best earpiece. These are custom made and provide you with the input you need to monitor sound while protecting your hearing.