I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why do I need an Audiologist? Part 3 – Specialty Molds

To summarize Part 1 & 2, we discussed the importance of regular hearing tests by an Audiologist for prevention and early detection of hearing loss, custom noise protection and musician plugs (if you missed it you can find it on our earlier blog post. Sometimes protection from noise is not the prevention needed and one of our unique custom ear plugs is required.

There are a number of unique specialty plugs that provide exceptional benefit to those that require them. Swim plugs have excellent sealing qualities for individuals who are not allowed to get water in their ears because of tubes or a hole in the ear drum. However, they are also beneficial to those who just do not like to get water in their ears. Snore plugs do exactly as the name suggests; they reduce the sound of others snoring so you can have a good night sleep.  They do however allow you to still hear your alarm clock or the fire alarm. They are designed in a way that allows optimal comfort while your head is on the pillow. Finally, we can make a number of custom molds based on individual requirements such as Pilot molds, earpiece for a cell phone and earphones for your MP3 player or iPod.

Although not a custom plug, if your ears bother you while you fly or you have trouble with equalizing the pressure, we have exactly what you need. EarPlanes help slow down the pressure changes during ascent or descent and help relieve the discomfort associated with this rapid change in pressure. They are available in adult and child sizes.