Communication Techniques Part 2

To Summarize Part 1, we discussed communication techniques that can be used by the hearing impaired individual. Those include being assertive, modifying the environment, paying attention to the speaker, verify what you heard, preparing in advance and do not bluff. Today we will be discussing communication tips for the communication partner.

  1. Make your face visible when talking
  • Do not cover your face with hands/objects
  • Do not talk with a full mouth
  • Sit in a spot where the light is shining on your face
  • Do not have a conversation from across the room

  1. Get the attention of the person you want to speak to before starting the conversation
  • Tap them on the shoulder
  • Wait until they look up from what they are doing
  • Make eye contact
  1. Do not shout
  • Shouting distorts speech, it is best to speak slow and clear
  • Pause between sentences to allow them to process what you just said
  1. Use gestures and visual cues
  • Write a word down or draw a picture if your partner is having trouble understanding in an noisy environment
  • Hand gestures add more context to a conversation, but make sure they are not too big and distracting
  1. When your communication partner asks “what” rephrase what was said
  • If you repeat the sentence, they will probably miss the same part on the second try
  1. Make your communication partner aware of topic changes

It can be very difficult for both the person with a hearing loss and their communication partner. Use these techniques to make your conversation more enjoyable. If you would like more techniques on appropriate communication, you and your communication partner can make an appointment with one of our Audiologists.