Getting Back to a Routine

As the cool weather of autumn begins it often triggers us to get back in to a routine! With this we start taking better care of ourselves by returning to the gym, eating healthy and following up with all of our health care providers. We are often proactive about our teeth and eyes, but not always our ears. If an individual does not have a hearing loss, they will not think to see an audiologist, but it is important to have your hearing checked before you have problems. By being proactive and having your hearing tested routinely, a baseline can be established and can be used as a reference if there is a change in the future which can occur as the result of illness, disease or age.

Since age is not the only factor that can affect your hearing, it is important to have your first baseline hearing test performed as a young adult. Once you’re 50 or older regular testing should be done every two years. If you are routinely exposed to loud noise for work or recreation or have a family history of hearing loss, then regular testing should commence at a much younger age.

Early detection and correction of hearing loss is essential to keep hearing pathways to the brain in good condition.  If hearing loss is not treated, these pathways may deteriorate over time. You may also become more sensitive to sounds and withdrawal from social situations leading to depression, isolation and cognitive decline.

If you feel like you or a family member may have a hearing loss; if you are 50 and have never had a hearing test or haven’t had one in the past 2 years, now is the time to schedule one. Our certified audiologists do full hearing evaluations and discuss the results with you.