Single Sided Deafness

Historically, the treatment for individuals that have a profound hearing loss (i.e. no remaining hearing) in one ear has been limited. This type of hearing loss is known as Single-Sided Deafness (SSD). In recent years, technology has changed drastically and there are now a number of options available to patients. Devices, known as a CROS (contralateral routing of signal), are now small and discrete with very sophisticated technology which has proven to be life changing for individuals with SSD.

Speech understanding in noisy and loud situations is challenging for everyone, but especially for people with SSD. The technology that is now available for individuals with SSD has automatic feature that allows the device to improve speech understanding in noise. The CROS device takes the signal from your ear that does not hear and sends the sound to your better hearing ear. This system works if you have normal hearing in your good ear or a hearing loss. If you have some hearing loss in your better ear, this system will also correct for that.

Benefits of the new CROS device over some other solutions is that it is a nonsurgical option, it is essentially invisible and allows you to have a conversation in a quiet or noisy room without needing to reposition yourself.

If you have ever experienced being in a room with background noise and not being able to hear the person who is sitting on your “bad side”, then the CROS may be a solution for you. We have had positive feedback from patient living with this type of hearing loss; to learn more please contact our clinic and book an appointment with one of our Audiologists.