Listening Fatigue

Hearing loss is more than just not being able to hear what someone is saying or not hearing environmental sounds. We hear with our brain and as a result we use several areas of the brain during a simple conversation. A hard of hearing person has to think, concentrate and work much harder than a hearing person. When someone has a hearing loss (even a very mild one) they need to construct and process meaning out of half-heard words and sentences, often making guesses to help figure out what is being said. Therefore, having a simple conversation is no longer effortless and can leave them extremely tired as listening takes a lot of effort and energy.

This is true for all listening environments, but especially when background noise is present. Conversations are that much more fatiguing when placed in a more challenging environment because your brain needs to work even harder than it does in quiet to figure out what has been said. Often those with hearing loss will withdrawal from social situations as it is too difficult and demanding on them to have a conversation. With the holiday’s approaching and the number of social situations increasing, it is time to have a hearing test. If you have hearing aids but have not had an updated test is the past two years it is important that you have one so your hearings aids can be programmed to your current loss to ensure they provide you with the most benefit possible. If you are not wearing hearing aids and have a hearing loss, you don’t want to miss all the sounds of the holiday season. When hearing loss is properly treated, individuals report reduced listening fatigue and more confidence in social situations!

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