Benefits of Wearing Two Hearing Aids

Based on the results of your hearing test, the audiologist will determine if you require hearing aids and if so if would should be wearing one or two.  For the majority of patients, if you have a hearing loss in each ear it is recommended that you wear two as there are a number of benefits.

  1. Better speech understanding in a noisy environment
  • The brain is better able to focus on the conversation you are having and filter out the unwanted noise.
  1. Better sound quality
  • As with the radio in your car, speech and music clarity and quality is improved when listening in stereo.
  1. Ability to tell the direction sounds are coming from (localization)
  • With one hearing aid but a hearing loss in both ears, you will always think sounds are coming from the ear with the hearing aid. When you have two hearing aids the brain can compare the input from both ears and better determine which side the sound is on and how far away they are.
  1. Keeps both ears active and stimulated
  • You don’t hear with your ears, but with your brain. Research shows that if you aren’t stimulating your ears and brain, your ability to understand speech can deteriorate in the unaided.
  1. Better distance hearing
  • You can hear a voice at a further distance when using two ears versus one as you get a natural loudness advantage from your brain when stimulation is going into both sides.
  1. Balanced hearing
  • Naturally, we hear with two ears and therefore going to two hearing aids is a more natural transition. If you only get a hearing aid for one side, your new battle will be to make sure that ear is next to all the sounds you want to hear.

Patient satisfaction has proven to be much higher when two hearing aids are worn. If this is a question you have been wondering, contact an audiologist for more information. All hearing aids have a 30 day trial period, so the best solution is to try two hearing aids and see the advantage for yourself.