Brain Hearing

When we think about hearing, we automatically think of our ears; however, we actually hear with our brain. The sound is received by your ear, and then sent to your brain where all the processing takes place to turn the sound into meaning. Therefore, if you have a hearing loss you are missing pieces of sound and your brain is stuck trying to fill in the gaps. Not only does this make it exhausting to carry on conversations, but it also makes it more challenging for you to participate actively in conversations and can impair your ability to recall what was discussed.

To help you hear with less effort and more ease, Oticon has designed a hearing aid that has features specifically designed for how our brain hears called BrainHearingTM. This hearing aid technology is able to determine the part of the signal that would be impacted by your hearing loss. It can then precisely alter that part of the signal leaving the rest intact and therefore maintaining the unique characteristics of speech. This BrainHearingTM ­ approach provides improved sound processing allowing you to hear better in complex listening environments and reducing mental fatigue while engaging in conversation.

If you want to hear the most natural sounds with the least amount of effort, contact our clinic today to learn more about this amazing technology.