Summer Hearing Aid Care

Hearing aids are essentially a very small computer. As with any electronic device, you want to take excellent care of it and make sure that regular cleaning and maintenance is taking place. Even when well cared for, environment elements can impact their function. It is the time of year where we experience a lot of humidity and moisture from perspiration, here are a few tips to care for your hearing aid during the summer months.

  1. Use a dry aid. This is a small storage container that you put your hearing aid in every night and it takes out moisture that has built up in your hearing aid over the day.
  2. Apply sunscreen before hearing aid. The oils on the sunscreen can clog up the microphones ports and absorb into the electronics so it is best to put on your sunscreen first and once it is absorbed than put on your hearing aids.
  3. Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in a protective case when not in your ears.
  4. Avoid storing in a hot or humid environment. It is best to keep your hearing aid in its protective case in an area that stays around room temperature (around 21 degrees).
  5. Avoid water. You want to take your hearing aids out before you go swimming and make sure your ears are dry before putting them back in.
  6. Clean after the beach. Sand can collect into the microphone and receiver, the part of the hearing aid that the sound goes in to and out of so it is important to clean with your brushes when you leave the beach.