Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

Have you ever put your hearing aids on in the morning, only to find that they aren’t working properly? Do your hearing aids suddenly start whistling, sound too soft, or stop working entirely? If so, don’t panic, here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try at home.

“My hearing aid is whistling and squealing”

Whistling from your hearing aid is called feedback. Feedback when you cup your hand around your hearing aid is normal, but excessive feedback while you’re wearing your hearing aid means there is a problem. The most common causes are improper insertion or wax in your ear canal. If reinserting your hearing aid doesn’t help, you should see your audiologist as you may need wax removed from your ear or programming changes to your hearing aid.

“My hearing aid is too soft or dead”

Try changing your battery. If this doesn’t work, your hearing aid may be clogged with wax. If your hearing aid has a wax filter, try changing it. If your hearing aid doesn’t have a wax filter, check for wax plugging the sound outlet of your ear mold.

“My hearing aid is cutting in and out”

If changing your battery and wax guard doesn’t help, you may have moisture in your hearing aid. Dry-aid kits are special storage cases designed to stop moisture build-up in your aids. These can be purchased at your local audiology clinic to help prevent moisture damage from occurring. If the issue continues, your hearing aid may need to be repaired.

If these tips don’t solve the problem, don’t hesitate to call or drop in to your local audiology clinic to have your audiologist assist you.