The Ins and Outs of Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries are your lifeline with hearing aids – when you hear the low battery warning and realize you don’t have any spare ones with you, it can be a bit of a panic. We’ve rounded up a few tricks of the trade to help get as much life out of your batteries as possible.

  • 2 Minute Rule: Hearing aids use zinc-air batteries that come packaged in an inactive state. The sticker on your battery is there to cover small holes on the positive side of the battery. Once this sticker is removed, air enters through these holes to mix with the zinc and activate the battery. This process takes time! Once you have removed the sticker, let the battery sit on the counter for 2 minutes before actually putting it in your hearing aid. This way you’ll get more bang for your buck and you’ll have to change batteries less often. Just remember – don’t pull the sticker off the battery until the old one has died… their shelf life is MUCH shorter with the sticker off.
  • “All-or-nothing” Principle: Hearing aid batteries are designed to work at full power until you get the low battery warning and then they stop working entirely. There’s no gradual decline, so you don’t have to worry that by day six, your hearing aids aren’t working as well as they were on day one.
  • Storage: Keep your batteries away from any humidity and extreme temperatures. Over time, moisture and heat can cause the protective stickers to lift up. This means the batteries may activate too soon and they may not work when you put them in your hearing aid.
  • Check the expiration date: If you’re someone who likes to stockpile batteries, keep in mind that they do expire. If you aren’t getting many days from your batteries, check the expiration date.
  • Track your days: Make use of that sticker – once you peel it off, put it on the calendar on the day you changed it (and mark whether it was left, right or both). When using high quality batteries, these general guidelines can help you track whether your batteries are working properly:
    1. Size 10: 5-7 days
    2. Size 312: 6-10 days
    3. Size 13: 10-14 days
    4. Size 675: 14-20 days

(ps. Always keep some spares with you!)