Television Solutions

The television presents some unique challenges for people with hearing loss. Sitcoms and movies are more difficult than the news or game shows, because of the fast-paced speech and background noise. These issues are worsened by the fact that both speech and noise are coming from the same speakers, meaning the noise and speech are not separated in space like they often are in the real world. Lastly, you need a good high frequency signal to hear clarity of speech, but high frequencies don’t travel well over long distances. This means you may be getting adequate volume when sitting on the other side of the room, but the clarity of the sound is lost. Below are some solutions available to those with hearing loss:

Television Headsets: These types of devices are often worn without hearing aids. They combine a headset that picks up a signal from a transmitter connected to your television. You can adjust the volume for yourself, but they are not tuned specifically for your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Television Accessories: These involve a wireless signal streamed from a transmitter connected to your TV, either directly into your hearing aids or in combination with a streamer worn around your neck. Since these are paired with your hearing aids, the signal is tuned according to your hearing loss.

Increasing treble/decreasing bass: This general trick can sometimes be helpful – try adjusting your audio settings to increase the treble (high pitches) and/or decrease the bass (low pitches). This can help boost clarity without boosting volume and might also work with your car radio.

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