Hearing Well This Festive Season

The festive season is in full swing, and for the team at Parrotts Hearing Clinic, that means helping our patients communicate and celebrate with their families during this special time. With parties, family dinners and lots of Bing Crosby playing in the background, your hearing system is really put to the test. These environments are very challenging for people with hearing loss, and the amount of effort it takes to communicate can be extremely tiring.

For those who struggle to hear and do not wear hearing aids, the holiday season is hectic enough without the stress of not following conversations and the tiring effect of straining to listen. On average, people with hearing difficulties wait seven years before having their hearing checked. Why wait? You deserve to hear well during this festive season, and always.

For those who have hearing aids, avoid falling into the trap of only wearing them “when you need them.” The hearing system in your brain needs continuous stimulation to keep the pathways firing normally. This means you need to wear your hearing aids during all waking hours. With consistent use, you strengthen the hearing pathways in your brain and you will do much better in difficult listening environments than if you only put your hearing aids in when you’re on your way to the holiday party.

From everyone here at Parrotts Hearing Clinic, we wish you Happy Holidays, and hope that 2018 brings good hearing health to you all!