Commonly Asked Questions: Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Use

Since May is Better Hearing month, we thought we would address some of our most frequently asked questions about hearing loss and hearing aid use.

1. What is my percentage of hearing loss? Most audiologists do not describe hearing loss in terms of a percentage. Hearing loss is typically different at every pitch making it difficult to describe in terms of a percentage. We prefer to describe the degree of hearing loss: mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe and profound. For example, your hearing loss may be described as mild sloping to moderate.

2. Will my ears become lazy once I get hearing aids? No. While you may notice you have more hearing difficulty when you aren’t wearing your hearing aids, that is not because your ears have become dependent or lazy. This just means you have adjusted to your hearing aids. Your ease of listening has improved and now you realize what you were missing.

3. Will hearing aid use make my hearing loss worse? As long as the hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your specific hearing loss, they will not cause damage to your auditory system. This is why it is so important for you to have an up to date hearing test and to have your hearing health overseen by an audiologist. Hearing aid use will help keep your auditory system stimulated and active, which can help maintain sound processing ability in the long run.

For those who haven’t yet stocked up, our semi-annual 50% off hearing aid battery sale will continue until the end of May. Happy Better Hearing month from the staff at Parrott’s Hearing!