Hearing Aid Life Expectancy and Maintenance

Hearing aid expectations in terms of hearing ability are often discussed but the expectations for hearing aid care and maintenance are sometimes overlooked. Hearing aids have an average life expectancy of 5 years. Even if they were sitting unused for 5 + years that does not mean they are like “new”. If you were to leave your vehicle sitting unused for years at a time you would likely encounter problems.

Secondly, hearing aids, just like your vehicle, need maintenance. Sometimes you may notice a sudden decline in hearing aid performance, other times, the hearing aid may deteriorate gradually due to wear and tear, wax, and/or debris buildup. Since the deterioration can be gradual, it can be difficult to notice changes in performance, therefore, it is highly recommended to come in for an annual hearing aid check at a minimum. A regular hearing aid check will help you to gain optimal performance from your hearing aids.

Thirdly, hearing tests are recommended every two years or sooner if changes in hearing are noted. Up to date hearing tests will allow us to reprogram your hearing aids to fit your new hearing loss and ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your devices. Hearing aids are now digital and can be reprogrammed with manufacturer specific software, allowing personalized fine tuning for each patient.

Lastly, make sure you are aware and feel comfortable with the specific cleaning and maintenance requirements for your devices. Daily cleaning and hearing aid checks are an important part of maintaining hearing aid performance. For further instructions and guidance on routine care and maintenance, one of our Certified Audiologists would be happy to assist you.