Let’s Celebrate Better Hearing Month

May is Better Hearing Month, which means it’s time to celebrate all the reasons to keep your hearing system healthy! Every day, we get to help patients protect, preserve and promote their hearing, and we thought we’d share some of the things that motivate our patients to hear well.

“I’m tired of doing the smile and nod.” Having to bluff your way through conversations is a frustrating experience for people with hearing loss. Being able to truly engage in a conversation, especially in groups or background noise, is something we often take for granted. Being able to socialize again is huge benefit of treating a hearing loss.

“I want to hear my grandchildren.” Sharing moments with family is one of the most meaningful parts of life. Celebrating something as fun as children or grandchildren is so exciting, but small, high pitched voices are hard to hear. Making sure you have treated any potential hearing loss can bring out the clarity of those little voices and make play time all the more fun.

“I want to hear at work.” With early diagnosis, hearing loss is now being identified much earlier in life, when people are often busy with work, family and hobbies. With modern advancements in hearing aids, people are better able to keep up with the listening challenges of a busy lifestyle! Not to mention the connectivity options with Bluetooth devices – think direct cellphone, tablet and music streaming.

In celebration of Better Hearing Month, hearing aid batteries will be 50% off for all of May! Here’s to better hearing!