Know Your Hearing Protection

With the rising temperatures of summer, come the rising noise levels of summer activities. Weekly lawn mowing, projects like replacing decks and renovations, and outdoor concerts, are all loud enough to damage your hearing. Here’s a guide to help you navigate proper hearing protection while enjoying our precious summer months.

Foam earplugs: When inserted correctly, foam plugs provide excellent hearing protection. To use them properly, first roll them between your fingers until they are as narrow as possible. Then, pull your ear up and back to straighten the canal, and push the rolled plug into your ear until it is level with the opening of your canal. Hold the plugs in place until they expand.

Over-the-ear muffs: The main thing to consider with over-the-ear hearing protection is that the seal around the ear is tight and there are no gaps! They may not be the most comfortable option if you’re having to wear them for long days, but they work great for quick jobs like mowing the lawn.

Custom earplugs: These are by far the most comfortable option since they are made from a form of your ear, and they are also the most versatile. They can be made for maximum noise reduction, for a slender fit to be worn under a motorcycle helmet, or even with special filters to keep music sounding natural but comfortable at concerts.

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