The Importance of a Baseline Hearing Assessment

There’s a shocking statistic that the average wait time to have your hearing checked after you notice trouble hearing is seven years! As audiologists, we recommend a routine hearing assessment every one to two years to monitor your hearing health, but this monitoring should start long before you notice any difficulty. Here are some reasons why a baseline hearing assessment is so important!

Prevention: Noise induced hearing loss is a major cause of hearing loss across all ages. From listening to music too loudly, to working near noise, to firearms use, noise damage is a common and completely preventable problem. When a baseline hearing assessment is available, and routine monitoring happens, we can pick up noise induced changes early on, and help prevent the damage from continuing.

Proper Referrals: Sudden or rapidly progressing hearing losses are considered audiological emergencies. Without a proper baseline, it can be difficult to determine the amount and rate of change that has occurred. This information gives us a better understanding of if, when, and how urgently, a referral to a medical specialist is required.

Accepting Your Hearing Loss: It can be difficult for some people to learn that they have a hearing loss, because hearing loss often happens so gradually that this news can come as a surprise. If the onset of your hearing loss is caught early, and monitored over time, it can make it much easier to accept once you reach the point where hearing aids are required.

So with the New Year here, it’s time to get your hearing checked. Call today to book your assessment with one of our Certified Audiologists.