Reopening Monday June 8th, 2020

We are excited to say that we will be reopening and allowed to see patients again on Monday June 8th. We will not be back to our normal operations at this time. Under the guidance of our College and the Department of Health we will be restricted on what we do and who we see during this first phase. When we do see you for an appointment, we have a new “normal” that we must follow to keep you and our staff safe and ask that you respect the procedures that are in place. This will be a learning curve for everyone.

We will NOT be open for walk-ins and the office door will remain locked. If you need supplies (batteries, domes filters), a hearing aid cleaning, adjustments, hearing test, etc. please call to book an appointment. 

Thank you for supporting us during this transitional period. We look forward to reconnecting with you again.

Be Safe, Be Kind.

Erin and Jillian