Complete Hearing Evaluation

One of our certified audiologists will perform a comprehensive battery of tests to determine the health of your auditory system, the status of your hearing and make appropriate recommendations based on these results. At The Hearing Specialists we take a holistic approach evaluating not only your hearing sensitivity but also your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Hearing Instrument Evaluations And Fittings

Once a hearing loss has been identified, one of our audiologists will recommend the appropriate hearing instrument based on the hearing loss, lifestyle and needs. The hearing instrument will then be fit on the user to ensure comfort, ease of use, and good sound quality.
hearing instrument adjustments and cleanings.

Unlike eye glasses, hearing instruments are not an instant fit solution. They initially require some fine tuning as one gets accustomed to wearing hearing instruments and to ensure they are performing optimally. Also over time, the user’s hearing loss may change and the hearing instruments may require adjustments to compensate for these changes. Custom fit hearing aids in particular require regular maintenance and it is a good idea to bring them in for periodic cleanings.

Hearing Instrument Cleanings

Hearing instruments often get wax and debris build-up which can compromise their effectiveness. It is recommended to have your hearing aids professionally cleaned several times a year. We can provide these cleanings right in our clinic and no appointment is necessary.

Hearing Instrument Adjustments

Hearing instruments are adjusted based on the individuals hearing abilities. As your hearing changes over time your hearing instruments will be adjusted to ensure you are always getting optimum performance.

Customized Hearing Protection

Made specifically for an individual’s ear to protect it from loud sounds. There are different types of hearing protection based on the work environment and amount of attenuation required. They can be made to allow speech through while blocking out hazardous noise.

Authorized Providers for DVA, RCMP, WCB, NIHB & Blue Cross

Additionally, Our certified audiologists can provide required documentation for individuals to access their private health insurance plans.