Listening Fatigue

Hearing loss is more than just not being able to hear what someone is saying or not hearing environmental sounds. We hear with our brain and as a result we use several areas of the brain during a simple conversation. A hard of hearing person has to think, concentrate and work much harder than a … Continue reading Listening Fatigue

The Gift of Hearing Contest

It’s that time of year again; Parrott’s Hearing Clinic in partnership with Phonak are giving away The Gift of Hearing! Entering is easy, simply write a one hundred word essay nominating yourself or a loved one for the contest. What we want to know: How would the hearing aids improve that person’s life? Once you … Continue reading The Gift of Hearing Contest

Single Sided Deafness

Historically, the treatment for individuals that have a profound hearing loss (i.e. no remaining hearing) in one ear has been limited. This type of hearing loss is known as Single-Sided Deafness (SSD). In recent years, technology has changed drastically and there are now a number of options available to patients. Devices, known as a CROS … Continue reading Single Sided Deafness

Communication Techniques Part 2

To Summarize Part 1, we discussed communication techniques that can be used by the hearing impaired individual. Those include being assertive, modifying the environment, paying attention to the speaker, verify what you heard, preparing in advance and do not bluff. Today we will be discussing communication tips for the communication partner. Make your face visible … Continue reading Communication Techniques Part 2

I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why do I need an Audiologist? Part 2 – Musician’s Plugs

To summarize Part 1, we discussed the importance of regular hearing tests by an Audiologist for prevention and early detection of hearing loss. We also talked about custom noise protection as it is our most popular specialty mold for hearing loss prevention (if you missed it you can find it below on our blog). However, … Continue reading I Don’t Have a Hearing Loss, Why do I need an Audiologist? Part 2 – Musician’s Plugs

Gift of Hearing Contest

Give the gift of hearing this Holiday season! Nominate yourself or a loved one by writing a 100 word essay explaining why the nominee is deserving of a free pair of hearing aids.